About Our Community

Having experienced a deeper personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the renewal of the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation in the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, we wanted to live in committed relationships with likeminded Catholics which led to the founding of the Community in 1977.
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Our Background

Originally called, The Servants of God’s Love, the Community started as a group of students, faculty and staff of Franciscan University of Steubenville plus some local residents of the Ohio Valley. After being touched by the grace of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, they began meeting weekly for prayer in Christ the King Chapel on campus.

Over a seven year period of growth in prayer and the life of the Spirit there gradually developed a longing for a deeper experience of community life among some members of this prayer meeting.  On August 15, 1977 led by the Holy Spirit, forty members formed a charismatic covenant community. In so doing they became part of a growing phenomenon across the country and the world in which people touched by the grace of renewal were coming together to form charismatic communities, joining their lives and resources to serve the Lord, as did the early Christians in Acts 2: 42-47.


We are a charismatic Catholic covenant community recognized by the Catholic Church as a private association of the faithful in the Diocese of Steubenville, Ohio.  The Community is comprised of single and married men and women and their families, priests and members of various forms of consecrated life in the Catholic Church, as well as some members from other ecclesial communities outside of the Catholic Church.

We make a serious commitment to living this way of life together in a covenant with one another and the Lord. The purpose of the Community life is:

  • To assist members to respond to God’s call to love Him and to grow in holiness
  • To love and support one another in committed relationships
  • To offer loyal service to the Roman Catholic Church

“A Current of Grace”

Pope Francis called the Charismatic Renewal a “current of grace for the whole Church” and in response to that our Community will seek ways to share our experience of renewal in the Holy Spirit with everyone God places in our lives.

Please refer to the section on History of the Charismatic Renewal for more information on the Charismatic Renewal in the Church.